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Sitecore ContentSearch Language Based Search

Just a quick blog on using Sitecore content search within multilingual sites.

A very basic way of achieving a multilingual search,  i've used in the past involves building a query to filter on the language from the Sitecore.Context.Language. This method is explained in a previous tweet from Jamie Little and a blog post, however a comment from Stephen Pope shed more detail on content search, where you can actually pass in a culture into the content search.


So how does this work in practice

Within the Lucene or Solr configuration (e.g. "Sitecore.ContentSearch.Lucene.DefaultIndexConfiguration.config") we can see that there is a collection of  analyzers specified along with the culture name the analyzer is for.


Switching analyzer for the given language

When constructing the context.GetQueryable there is an overloaded method that accepts a CultureExecutionContext. This allows you to pass in a culture to use for the search, context search then uses the config to locate the correct analyzer for the given culture info.

In the example below, I get the current cultureInfo from the context language and pass this into the GetQueryable method. This allows content search to automatically switch between analyzers based on the current site language.